7 Matte Lipstick Hacks You Need in Your Life

Aashna Malani

Matte lipsticks have successfully established their well-known status for giving our lips a perfectly smooth finish. I am purely in love with the way matte appears on my lips but every cloud has a silver lining. Applying a bang on matte is no less than an art. From Hollywood to Bollywood, every celebrity is a big-time fan of matte finished pouty lips. So, here I bring you some great hacks you must know for perfectly finished lips.


1. What’s mandatory? Exfoliation.

Aashna Malani

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Matte lipsticks easily settle down into any crevices your lips has so it’s better to exfoliate them before you apply a lip shade. You can use any gentle lip scrub or apply a mixture of brown sugar and coconut oil. A simple way to exfoliate your lips is to gently rub them with your toothbrush everyday for around 30 seconds; a super sexy way to have flawless looking lips. Now when you’ll apply a matte shade, it’d be smooth and devoid of a cakey look.





2. Bye-Bye Dryness!

Aashna Malani

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Matte lipsticks give that impeccable finish because they are dry, but if not applied properly, they can leave your lips feeling chapped and super dry. We love our matte shades but life isn’t too long to wear uncomfortable lipsticks. Thus, the best tip is to apply a lip balm before applying any matte shade so that your lips feel hydrated for long and you can get your favorite look accompanied by the least amount of uneasiness.



3. The ‘Lock Down’ Strategy

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If you want any of your lip shade to stay for as long as possible, get going with this simple hack. Place a tissue on your lips and apply some translucent powder over it. Only the right quantity of powder will pass through the tissue and deposit on your lips making your lipstick a true 9 to 5.






4. There is more to Vaseline!

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Except for moisturizing your skin, Vaseline can be put to good use. Each of our lips is different from each other and some tend to absorb more than the other. If you have a really stubborn matte lipstick which is hard to remove, just dab a glob of Vaseline on a tissue paper and remove your lipstick with it. As simple as that!



5. A Thing Called ‘Primer’

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Personally, every time I apply a matte shade, I end up with bleeding lips at the end of the day. Applying primer to the lips before applying any kind of shade is the best thing we can do to prevent this from happening. Also, it makes the lips even toned which result in a more vibrant color.





6. Line Those Lips!

Aashna Malani

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Matte lipsticks, in special, are super pigmented and get easily smudged. The easiest and well known fact is to line your lips with a matching shade before applying any lipstick. This helps you to fill the color more accurately and not to smudge the edges of your lips.



7. Enhance that holy pout!

Aashna Malani

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Even after you did your liner and tried filling your lipstick with utmost care, something went wrong and the edges did not come out to be as clean as expected. What to do next? If the damage is irreparable, it’s always recommended to remove everything and start afresh with your makeup. If the lipstick it only a little smudged at the edges, apply a skin-colored powder around the edges. It not only would conceal all the mess you made but would also enhance that holy pout of yours!



These are some great hacks that you can try out for luscious-looking lips. We hope you’d try it out. Do let us know what worked the best for you!


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