REVIEW: My Envy Box (Jewellery Box)

I’ve been reviewing My Envy monthly beauty boxes for a while now so I thought I would review its latest Jewellery box this time. While beauty is something we wish to achieve every day, jewellery is something that adds to the beauty. My Envy Box has been bringing together the best of luxury beauty products via its box to our doorstep for a while now and now, their newest venture curates best of luxury jewellery for you to own, wear and show off! If you’ve used any of their beauty boxes and liked them, I am sure you will become a huge fan of their jewellery boxes too. They’re of course luxurious, pretty and so affordable!

Yes, you read that right. This month’s box has 3 accessories worth INR 7000 just for INR 2450. Now isn’t that a steal? Even simple artificial jewellery costs a lot these days but now at the price of ever day jewellery, you are being given luxury jewellery by fashion houses, luxury brands, etc.

And no, this jewellery isn’t to rent but for you to keep – one of the things I love about this box! You don’t need to return whatever you get and it’s YOURS. A lot of the times I work with brands that rent jewellery and while that has its own perks, this is better, isn’t it?

And if that’s not enough, you will literally fall in love with how elegant the jewellery box is! With a gorgeous velvet blue finish, it has enough space for a few accessories on one side and has a clear mirror on the other side where you can try the jewellery and adore yourself, haha! Luxury jewellery, luxury box – makes sense! My envy jewellery box: on point!


Here’s what’s part of the May edition (My Envy Box  x Nimai):

First and foremost, my absolute favourite from Silvense by Vrindaa. Summer soothing earrings. Originally priced at INR 2800, this earring pair is minimalistic and beautiful. Its simplicity is what stands out and brings out your outfit. This piece is crafted in black Pearl Caged in brass with gold colour.


Next is Electric Boho Bracelet from House of Tuhina. Originally priced at INR 2000, this bracelet is another one of HOT’s creations inspired from ‘everything beautiful that Indian design has to offer’. The elements used are Hand-made moulded beads made of casting metal which is nickel lead cadmium free. I like this bracelet mainly because it doesn’t leave marks on my hand and is chemical free.


Finally, the 3rd piece from this box is a Classic Minimal Neckpiece from Olio. Originally priced at INR 2100, Olio also crafts each piece by hand, celebrating natural imperfections of the craft. Using materials that weather beautifully, so ever nick, chip and dent is a testament to a life well-lived. This Balance Chain is made in silver-plated German silver. A simple bar that represents our fancy work, love and play lives well-lived. Beautiful idea, gorgeous design.



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