REVIEW: Mystery Box (Hot summer edition ’16)

You must have seen many blog-posts revolving around summer theme recently. From tips, tricks to supplies, we have got you covered for this hot weather. I am back with yet another review for the Mystery Box, this edition being the Hot Summer one. It has some really great supplies you shouldn’t miss out on!


Here are the 4 products I love from this edition of Mystery Box:
1. Skin Yoga Coffee Scrub (Reduces Cellulite and Stretchmarks)


What Skin Yoga claims, “The caffeine enhances fat metabolism and removes liquid and fat from your skin, ultimately reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. The natural oil moisturizes and nourishes your skin. This scrub also treats inflammation and protects your skin from sun damage.”

How To Use: Take small handfuls of the coffee scrub and apply onto wet skin in shower. Scrub your entire body for 5-7 minutes. Follow with your routine shower.

Price: INR 1795

Why I love this: True to its claims, this is a great scrub that prevents sun damage and nourishes the skin. You don’t even need a moisturiser after bath! With summers here, Mystery Box has done a great job in bringing this product to its Hot summer box. Summer means hotter weather, shorter clothes. Unlike winter, we can’t be all covered up, which is why this is perfect for removing unwanted fat as well as stretchmarks from the skin.

2. Thathingco Sun-glass Cover
What Thathingco says, “Not just your eyes, your shades also need protection! Sunglass covers by Thathing are just perfect to complement your fun loving side!”
Price: INR 450
Why I love this: Rightly named, ‘I like what I see’, this sun-glass cover makes me like what I see! It’s trendy, gorgeous and of course useful. With summers here, we all take out our sunglasses to protect us from the sun. Luckily, this cover will protect your sunglasses from any and all harm. A must-have!

3. Paperboat Drink (Aam Panna)13054501_1094330030588561_699765370_o

Paperboat claims, “The pre-vacation between your actual summer vacation and the last day of the final exams.The buffer time it took for your teachers to grade you, to graduate you into another class. That was the window of The Kairi. There was something poetic about raw, unfledged mangoes enticing our fully formed taste buds. Like it was another fruit altogether. Mixed with spices, mint and served cold, almost inversely to the soaring temperatures outside. You gushed it down in a single gulp. But the moment lingered forever.”

Price: INR 30

Why I love this: Summers leave you de-hydrated and you need energy to be able to survive the harsh weather. Paperboat is lightweight, easy to carry and the perfect drink to keep your hydrated and energetic. Available in various flavours, this tasty drink is a boon for the summers!



4. Pink Mud EDT Pops (2 packs of 20 ml each)


Price: INR 300 for both

Why I love this: Perfect addition to the box, these pops ensure you smell nice all day long. With our bodies constantly sweating due to the hot weather, these pops come in handy and don’t let bad smell ruin the day. Available in different colours and fragrances, these pops are a must. I’ve become a fan already!


The only product I am not too fond of in this box and would have probably been okay without would be the 2 Skincare masks. Here’s what and why:.

5. Two 7-in-one Brightening Essence Masks


Why I don’t like this product: While I love the idea of skincare brightening masks in a summer essentials box, I would have preferred a mask that wasn’t unbranded or unknown. As an example, Mystery Box could have included a Skin 18 mask! They’re known, tried and tested. All directions, advantages, etc are given on their website, easy to read and follow. While even this mask has directions given at the back, personally I didn’t try them because I was unsure of the brand. But yes, this is my personal view. Someone else might end up falling in love with these masks. While I am not a freak when it comes to only wearing and using branded items, knowing that it is known or being used does make you feel safe using it. After all, we are trying to save ourselves from the bad side of summers, we don’t want to end up with allergies!

Finally, I would just like to say that priced at INR 1500, this is a great box. It has some of the main summer essentials you will need to save yourself from the ill effects from summer. You can order your own Hot summer edition box from here.


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Please Note:

  1. This is not a sponsored post. Only the product was sent for a review.
  2. This review in no way forces anyone to try the product, it is your personal choice.
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