To An Unforgettable 24th Birthday!

Aashna Malani

Think memorable gifts, beautiful decor, delicious desserts, and celebrating it with the closest loved ones. It was such a blast and to be able to share it with you all makes it even more special.


Our team has put together a list of beautiful gifts that are perfect for your loved ones on special days, be it birthdays, anniversaries, or just precious moments. I thoroughly enjoyed my special day on 16th November and this is our way of saying thank you to the amazing brands and people that sent across their best birthday gifts!


Starting with our favorite gift ever, we finally got our hands on Apple iPhone 12 smartphone and stunning covers to go with it as soon as it launched! We upgraded from iPhone 11 and are so excited to create some amazing content for you guys using it. If you guys would like a full review, let us know and we would love to compare it with our other smartphones and share our experience.


Talking about the gorgeous Decor, we went for beautiful rose gold, copper, white theme. To create a stunning look for our party, we added these gorgeous colors to the balloon dome leading to the metallic letters and alphabets saying, 24 and Happy Birthday. To add some fun, we filled the party room with balloons too! A huge thank you to GiftsofLove17 for putting it together so well!


For no birthday is complete without a delicious Cake, we got a Half chocolate Half strawberry cake because both flavors are so delicious! It’s the perfect cake when you want the best of both worlds. Putting an absolute delicious twist to single flavored cakes, The Choco Bot added decorations like chocolate balls, dark and white little chocolates, and a waterfall of cream to tie it all together!


Going with the global trend of Floral Cupcakes, we thought it was only apropos to bring in delicious cupcakes in the flavor of vanilla with a strawberry coulis center and cream cheese white chocolate frosting. What is also unique is that all the floral decorations were dyed with natural ingredients like the flowers and roses were handcrafted and colored using fresh beetroot juice (pink color), turmeric, and beetroot (orange color). A big kudos to VanillaAndScotch for creating such a natural and beautiful dessert!


When we say party, you say Party Box! No party is ever complete without some wine, flowers, and chocolates which is why Round Suede Rose Box (Party combo) makes the perfect gift for special occasions. Our personalized Black Suede Box included red roses, Ferrero rocher chocolates, and Chandon Brut Classic sparkling wine, and the best is, you can customize colors, flowers, and lots more based on your personal liking. TheTrillionRoses is definitely a classy addition to your day!


Love sent from across the globe was a personally Signed Copy of the book, The Truth About Magic and the signature rose tote bag from Atticus. It has truly been amazing to be his friend and to complete the book collection on this special day was an added bonus for sure. A signed copy and merchandise from one of your favorite authors definitely makes for a great gift!



When you’re a foodie, having a Hamper full of desserts sure makes for a delicious gift. We are talking about a delicious box of customized alphabet chocolates, yummy donuts, cookies, and a cake jar. TheCakeCompany surely created an absolute delight for all foodies. It can be customized in flavors, desserts, and whatnot. Craving already? We are too!


The right way to add fun to any party has got to be with balloons. We absolutely love the idea of Balloon bouquets, because they’re spontaneous, customizable and so lively. TheTimberly added 24 numbered balloons, a big champagne flute balloon, some stars, and so many colours to your day! It definitely brought a smile to our faces and made the day even more special.


Another great gift for chocolate lovers would definitely be Customized Eggless Name chocolates. We got the Happy Birthday lettered chocolates in a box and got Aashna customized on another chocolate from RivaliciousChocolates. There are so many ways to have fun and play with chocolates, it makes for a great customized gift that you can just eat later without feeling guilty, haha!


Decor items have become great gift options so when we came across this Personalized Leather Trunk Box, we had to add it to our list! It makes for a great gift on special days and can be used to decorate your interiors as well. This trunk box by TheGiftFactory can also be filled with gifts that are personal to you and when opened, it instantly brings happiness seeing what’s inside!


Without music, what would this world be? Dedicating a beautiful song to your loved one on their best day sounds like a unique yet powerful gift. Personalized Song Plaques are all the rage right now so we were so impressed when GiftsForYourOwn dedicated one of our favorite songs, Just The Way You Are as a birthday gift on our very own customized song plaque.


No birthday party is complete without a Show-stopper Gown that catches the attention of every eye and makes your special day even more special. This Navy Embellished Maxi Gown from Kazo Woman definitely added that oomph to our party and has definitely become one of our party favorites!


That’s it! We had a great time at the party and loved curating this list of our top picks when it comes to gifts for special occasions. It was an amazing day and we just want to send across our love and regards for all those beautiful wishes and lovely gifts to each one of you.


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  1. This is not a sponsored post, we genuinely loved the gifts and posted unbiased reviews.
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