5 Overlooked Beauty Tips To Keep Your Health In Check

Aashna Malani

As we adjust to the new normal, with precautions for our internal health come some precautions we need to take for our physical health as well. Let’s follow these 5 Beauty tips, that are essential but many times taken for granted or overlooked.

The Pandemic has gotten the whole world into a frenzied panic. It’s deadlier than the common flu and can be caught by anyone who is not careful enough. First things first, it’s important to be cautious about where you keep your hands. Touching doorknobs, your phone, an infected person’s hand, your laptop keyboard, touching your face can easily transmit the virus. So, does beauty come into the picture with all the Coronavirus cacophony?

It’s true that you are probably already taking precautionary measures to keep yourself safe from COVID-
19 by wearing masks, washing hands, and using a hand sanitizer often, but is that enough? Let’s see what we’ve overlooked or what we can do better to stay on top of all this!

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1. Makeup Tools Assemble – It’s Time For a Weekly Bath!
Most of us use at least one makeup tool on our faces daily, be it a makeup brush or a beauty sponge.
Because makeup tools soak in some products we use on our face, they turn into a breeding place for
bacteria. Dermatologists recommend washing makeup brushes once a week which will not only keep
those tools clean but also the risk of spreading and virus or bacteria will be significantly low. We would be sharing our top ways to wash those dirty makeup tools on Instagram soon, so stay tuned!

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2. Time to Scrub Those Beautiful Nails!
Every time you wash your hands, don’t forget to clean your nails too as it has a warm and moist
environment that can be the perfect place for bacteria to stay. For long nails or nail extensions, use a
new toothbrush, drizzle some anti-bacterial liquid soap and start scrubbing. For short nails, scrub the
area around nails to keep them clean. It is always great to have a hand sanitizer or cleansing hand gel tossed in your bag or purse.

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3. Say No To Biting Nails!
As we know, biting nail is a bad habit and it is possible that the bacteria or viruses present in your
nails can enter your body when you bite them. This way you would be inviting them to feast on your
body. If you do this often, then you must find another way to release your nervous energy ASAP. We suggest checking out:

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4. Hello Face Mists, Ciao Infections!
When you find your skin dry, immediately hydrate it using a face mist. This a great way to keep your
skin moisturized and nourished it at the same time without direct contact. Having less or no direct
contact is very necessary at this time. Alternatively, you can also invest in a humidifier at home. We suggest checking out:

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5. Bid Product Testers Goodbye!
Yes, Coronavirus does spread through airborne droplets and they can survive for a couple of hours on
moist surfaces like a makeup sponge, liquid foundation that’s exposed, and lipsticks. Hence, it is best to
stay away from Testers and shareable beauty products for a while. From our personal experience, most brands at malls have themselves pulled out most testers for the same reason but even if they haven’t, it’s our responsibility to take precautions.

Always swatch the lipsticks on the back of your hand before using them. By doing this you’ll be avoiding the direct entry of the bacteria or virus on the surface of the lipstick through your mouth.



These are simple yet effective and, often overlooked beauty tips to keep you safe during this challenging time. Do follow them religiously. Needless to say, it is important to maintain social distancing and self isolation if needed. This is necessary for us as well as others too.


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