How To Cope With Stress And Anxiety

Aashna Malani

The year 2020 has been a year full of unfortunate events that have led to an overwhelming amount of stress and anxiety amongst us.  Coping with this very stress, talking about, and understanding mental health has become the need of the hour.

Stress during an outbreak can include fear and worry about your own health and that of your loved ones. It can also induce changes in your sleep pattern which will in turn, change your sleep or eating patterns. It will not only worsen chronic health illness but also increase the intake of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. We got you covered with all you need to do to keep your mental health nourished. Here are 7 tips that are approved by World Health Organization to help you cope with stress and anxiety during COVID-19 times.

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1. Connect With Others

It is normal to feel stressed, scared or angry during this kind of crisis. Talking to people you trust or who are close to you can help a lot, so share your concerns or problems and your feelings with your loved ones. This will bring some peace to your mind and make you feel lighter.

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2. Take Care Of Your Body

While staying at home, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is absolutely necessary. Needless to say, eat well balanced meals for a proper diet. Eat greens and take your supplements too. Do some yoga or any rigorous activity for 75 mins a week. This will help release endorphins and make you feel good in turn. Be sure to have enough sleep and don’t forget to hydrate yourself throughout the day.

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3. Seek Help When Needed

Using smoking, alcohol or any other kind of drug to deal with your sentiments is never helpful. In fact try to cut smoking and drinking while staying at home as they will worsen the situation even more. As per WHO or CDC, if you feel overwhelmed and your daily activities are impacted by distress, talk to a health worker or counselor. 

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4. Get The Facts

Gather the eminent information from a credible source that will help you determine your risk so that you can take reasonable precautions. Stay away from the rumors and fake news and always fact-check whatever information you get before trusting or sharing it. Be aware of the wrong information during a crisis, especially on social media.


5. Take Breaks

Many of us are working from home which can take a toll on the physical health as well as mental health. Sitting in front of the laptop at a stretch can be dangerous in the long run. So, don’t forget to take breaks in between to refresh yourselves. Spend less time on watching or listening to constant media coverage on things that make you upset. Pamper yourself, instead, read books, put that music on and dance it off. Focus on your happiness, put on a face mask, maybe some aromatherapy candles and a long bath.

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6. Learns From Your Experiences

Hone those skills that have helped you deal with life adversities in the past and use them to help you manage your emotions during the challenging time of this outbreak. Keep track of your feelings by jotting or painting them down, this will help you have a deep insight of your inner working.

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7. Practice Empathy

Try to help those in need in any way possible. Try to acknowledge the privilege you have and those who don’t. This isn’t a must but donating some money to the needy and poor, however the small sum may be, can be of immense help. The world economy has hit a wall due to this pandemic hence; lend your hand to help uplift the people in dire need.


Fears about COVID-19 can take an emotional toll, especially because this affects our work, life, health, relationships – our very being. But you’re not powerless. These tips can help us all get through this stressful time. Be kind to yourself and others. Follow safety guidelines and keep a safe distance even if you walk out of your home. This is the time to focus on your physical health by boosting your immunity and take control of your mental health by understanding and accepting the situation to stay positive. We will get through this together!


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