EVENT: Delhi Summer Food Festival ’16

Summers bring a lot of joy to us and of course one of those joys is Food! Summers are here and it’s time to welcome delicious dishes with it! Yummy food keeps us going and gives us the right nutrients to fight this harsh weather. And TEAM AM is filled with foodies, which is why we recently went and enjoyed Delhi Summer Food Festival and can’t wait to share the details with you guys!

The Delhi Summer Food Festival ’16 was on for 2 days at Unplugged Courtyard, CP. The Chef had curated a whole new menu for this Summer. The event saw many restaurant owners, brands and bloggers come to enjoy this on 27th and 28th May at evening time, the perfect time for snacking!

The Special Summer Menu looked like this:


We started off with the drinks and ordered Wild Cats which was a mocktail with Grape Juice, Tamarind and Lime Juice with a bit of Cumin and Rock Salt added to it for the extra flavor. It was quite spicy and refreshing with the flavors bursting in the mouth. The tamarind in the drink will give you a little sour and sweet hit that will relax your taste buds. Then we ordered The Bloon and Sand which was a cocktail with Bourbon Whisky, Martini Rosso and Angostura bitters with fresh oranges for the tangy taste. It was quite an amazing drink as the alcohol gave a good hit to us and we felt very soothing after the drink. The alcohol content was a bit high in the drink but it was worth ordering.


After that, we moved on to the starters and salads. We ordered the Greek Salad Pizza which was a home made thin crust pizza topped with Cucumber, Onion, Tomato, Olives and crisp flakes served cold with Feta Cheese. It wasn’t any special kind of pizza as it looked ordinary and had a decent taste which wasn’t up to the mark for us as we expected something unique in it. This pizza is recommended for those who love to eat healthy food with lots of veggies. After that, we ordered a Cottage Cheese Cake with Pineapple Relish and Mexican Salad with Tortilla. The Cottage Cheese Cake was crisp and yummy and the softness of the dish made it melt in our mouth with ease. On the other hand, the Mexican Salad with Tortilla was a bit similar to the Nacho Chaat apart from the fact that some of the veggies in the Salad were different. But, it had a taste similar to that of Nacho Chaat.


Next we also ordered the Chicken Pop Pineapple with Parsley Sauce which was Marinated Chicken Cubes and Pineapple with tangy Parsley sauce. The dish was very delicious as the chicken was very well marinated and the pineapple was very juicy. Also, the parsley sauce was a perfect dip for the marinated chicken.


In the end, it was time for the much craved for desserts! We ordered all the desserts from the menu which included: Aam Ras – Mango Chunks with smooth layering of Mango infused cream, Cream Cheese and Blueberry Jar – Crusted Butter Base and Cream topped with Blue Berry Puree, Luscious Strawberry Crusted Cheese Cake – Sweet and Sour cream and Strawberry with Butter Rocks and Gur ki Rabdi – Sweetness of Jaggery along with Milk combination. All the desserts were scrumptious, but our favourite was Cream Cheese and Blueberry Jar for sure! If you get a chance, you should definitely not miss this one.


Coming to the ambience, it was pleasant and very calm. It had a beautiful decor and a terrace with an attached bar and seating space. Also, the service was satisfactory and the presentation of the dish was fabulous. Some band performances were also arranged to entertain the people. Overall, the Summer Food Fest was a successful event and it was worth attending. So, we recommend all to visit this place for lip smacking and mouth watering dishes!


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Please Note:

  1. This is not a sponsored post. We were only invited for the event.
  2. This review in no way forces anyone to try the place, it is your personal choice.
  3. All pictures are my own and cannot be used without my explicit permission.


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