CAMPAIGN: “Safer Roads, Safer You” Initiative by Goodyear Tyres India Is One Of The Best CSR Of This Year

We are all very emotional when it comes to being with our loved ones. Who wants to lose their family, cousins or even friends? While we cannot change our fate, we can certainly be careful. Every life is precious and every life is connected to many other lives. Why risk our lives for something futile? Our safety is in our own hands.


Browsing through Twitter recently, I stumbled upon a campaign by Good Year on road safety. This was the tweet that caught my eye immediately:


Goodyear India in association with Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) has taken up a unique road safety initiative ‘Safer Roads, Safer You’, as part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative. It is aimed at offering complimentary training to selected taxi drivers in Delhi NCR and Mumbai.



In order to curb traffic rule violations and make taxi services safer and more customer friendly, the ‘Safer Roads, Safer You’ initiative is aimed at supporting the fleet owners / taxi operators by training their drivers. This initiative aims at covering all aspects of road safety, not just preventing accidents and reducing confrontations but also enhancing the overall experience whilst travelling on road. Improved driver training is one way of enhancing this quality of experience.




The focus of this initiative was to train 2,555 drivers in Delhi and Mumbai till March. A one-day workshop was conducted for groups of 20 taxi drivers to create awareness and cover critical aspects such as defensive driving, passenger comfort and safety, vehicle maintenance, personal management and incident management. The participants were also given an incentive of INR 500 along with a complimentary accidental death Insurance policy of INR 2,00,000 and a certificate on successful completion of this workshop.


Goodyear India focuses on promoting safe mobility, to help make our communities stronger & safer.



Mr. Rajeev Anand, Vice Chairman & Managing Director of Goodyear India shares with us, “Taxi service is one of the most important means of transportation for a number of people and with ‘Safer Roads, Safer You’, we hope to create a culture of safe driving and passenger care in the taxi service industry to help increase ridership in public transportation system of the State, thereby benefiting the fleet owners, taxi drivers, police organizations & end customers. We are pleased to sponsor this initiative of Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE), which has an experience of more than the 15 years towards providing safer roads for users.”



“With our association with Goodyear India, we hope to improve the customer service standards and to control occurrences of traffic violations. This initiative will address these issues through its various workshops and will provide an opportunity to the State to regain the trust of people, especially tourists, in the taxi service and its public transportation system.” said Dr. Rohit Baluja, President – Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE).


I believe this is a very good initiative by Goodyear in association with IRTE. The taxi industry plays a critical role in catering to the tourism supply-chain and to move passengers around the city on a daily basis. It is very important for them to be educated about road safety. Even if they haven’t studied in school or college, they can still be made aware through this method. This campaign promotes awareness, learning as well as gives the right kind of incentives to the taxi drivers. This enables the drivers to have access to more information and in return, keep their passengers, many human lives safe. Every day is a new day to learn and it is never too late to know more!

I hope that Goodyear pursues this campaign further and creates more awareness among cab drivers. While 2,555 drivers is a great start, there is much more to do, many more thresholds to cross. I support #SaferRoadsSaferYou and #GoodyearSaferRoads. Come join me and Goodyear to make our roads and lives safer.


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  2. This post in no way forces anyone to support the campaign, it is your personal choice.

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