5 ways to grow long, healthy eyelashes

Why use chemicals when you can go natural? While eating healthy and exercising regularly is important, here are 5 simple other ways you can get naturally long and healthy eyelashes!

1. Remove Make – up –  We all know how important it is to remove make-up properly every night. But what if you’re tired ‘cause of the late night party you’ve just attended? “Wet-wipes are the next best option,” says permanent makeup expert and executive director of ALPS beauty clinics, Ms. Gunjan Gaur. She further adds, “they take away all the makeup and grime from your face without being too harsh on it. These are slightly soaked in toners and available in several variants like; aloe vera, rose, eucalyptus – so you will not require an extra astringent to close your pores after cleansing.”


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2. Olive Oil – It is rich in essential vitamins and minerals to boost the growth of your eye lashes. Cosmetologist and founder of ALPS beauty clinic, Bharti Taneja advises to apply it using a cotton swab and massage gently every night before hitting the bed to encounter steady results.


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3. Apply Castor Oil and Vitamin E potion– Castor oil is little thick in density therefore it is advisable to mix it with any other light oil like Vitamin-E, and then apply for a smoother application. “It boosts the blood circulation within the hair follicles and hence is responsible for eye-lash growth,” cosmetologist Bharti Taneja tells us.


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4. Green Tea – Green Tea contains caffeine and flavonoids which help in strengthening your existing eye lashes as well boosting fresh growth too, up to a great extent.


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5. Lemon peels soaked in olive oil – Soak dried lemon peels in olive oil for 4-5 days and applying this oil filled with vitamin-c, will help in regeneration and infuse a new life to your lashes making them long and strong.

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Try them out today. Why use chemicals in Mascara or fake eyelashes when you can proudly own long and healthy eyelashes? For more such tips and remedies, keep following  my regular updates. This is me signing off.


Aashi xx

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