Drink Your Summer Away

With summer comes the scorching and uncomfortable sun’s heat. Our bodies burn, sweat pours down our brows and throat feels parched. While the temptation would be to reach out to ice cold frizzy drinks thinking they may rejuvenate us, let me tell you that they do more harm than good. They may momentarily quench our thirst but within a few minutes you will start feeling hot again. Aerated drinks not only contain a lot of calories making us obese, but also leach out the calcium from our bones. It is better to take care now than to regret later so why go for these aerated drinks when instead we can kill the heat with safe and natural coolers? They will not only cool down your burning bodies and souls but also provide you with all the essential nutrients your body requires.

Mother Nature in her benevolence has given us many natural coolants which can be mixed and matched to provide you the perfect summer drinks. Such as coconut water, sugarcane juice, watermelon, buttermilk, lemons etc.


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While many might think they’re to lazy to stir up some refreshing drinks, they don’t know yet that these are super easy-breezy to make! So here are 3 easy recipes by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor that will help you beat the summer heat and stay cool as the mercury climbs.


1) Green tea and coconut smoothie


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Green tea bags 4

Tender coconut flesh 1 tablespoon

Tender coconut water 3-4 cups

Hung yogurt 1/4 cup

Banana 1

Guava juice 1/2 cup

Pomegranate pearls 12 tablespoon for garnishing

A few fresh mint sprigs for garnishing



Step 1: Brew green tea bags in sufficient boiling water for 1 minute.

Step 2: Peel and roughly cut banana into roundels and put in a blender jar. Add coconut flesh, hung yogurt, coconut water and guava juice. Blend into a smooth mixture.

Step 3: Add brewed green tea water and blend again till well mixed.

Step 4: Add 3 tablespoon pomegranate pearls each into 4 individual tall glasses and fill with the smoothie. Garnish with some more pomegranate pearls and mint sprigs.

Step 5: Serve chilled.



2) Nimboo Adrak Pani

Picture Courtesy: Google

Picture Courtesy: Google



Lemons 2

Ginger 1 inch piece

Lemon juice 1 tablespoon

Cumin seeds 2 tablespoons

Fresh mint leaves a few

Salt to taste

Black salt to taste

Ice cubes as required



Step 1: Dry roast cumin seeds till dark brown and fragrant. Slice ginger. Halve 2 lemons and remove seeds and quarter each half. Put ginger and fresh mint leaves in a mortar and crush with a pestle. Put this mixture into a cocktail shaker.

Step 2: Similarly crush 3-4 lemon pieces and add to the shaker. Squeeze the juice of the remaining lemon pieces into the shaker. Add another 1 tbsp lemon juice, salt and black salt.

Step 3: Cool cumin seeds and crush in a clear mortar and pestle. Add ¾ teaspoon of crushed cumin seeds into the shaker along with a few ice cubes and
¼ cup water and shake well.

Step 4: Strain into serving glasses. Add a few of the crushed lemon pieces. Fill up the glasses with drinking soda, stir well and serve immediately.



3) Aam ki lassi


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Mango 1

Yogurt 1 cup

Sugar 1 tablespoon

Green cardamom powder a pinch

Saffron (kesar) 2-3 strands



Step 1: Wash, peel and remove seed from mango and make a puree of its flesh in a mixer. Transfer into a bowl.

Step 2: In the same mixer blend yogurt, sugar and ice cubes for a minute.

Step 3: Add mango puree and blend for half a minute on minimum speed.

Step 4: Garnish with saffron strands and serve chilled.



So what are you still waiting for? Beat the heat with these cool summer drinks. These refreshing summer sips will quench your thirst as well as please your palate. Try these recipes and get ready to rock these summers and feel fresh and cool.


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Please Note:

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  2. Please keep in mind any allergies you might have to any of the ingredients before cooking.


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