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It’s the monsoon season already and we are all, I’m sure, having a hard time with our make-up routines. The usual primers, foundations, concealers and creams are not working and they wear off too fast. The worst part is that when you start your day in the morning, your make-up is all set. But the hot and humid commute to college or work makes your make-up fade away in just a couple of hours, leaving your face looking oily, dull and dark. Through the day, you stay conscious of the way you look, constantly checking and touching up your face in any and every mirror that comes your way and feeling dull, just like your face.

But, for this very problem, Fair and Lovely has come up with its new product: Powder Cream.


Fair and Lovely claims, “Created with a breakthrough fairness formulation, the revolutionary product is the perfect blend of brightening powder with fairness cream. Fair & Lovely Powder Cream offers an instant and lasting fairness for up to 14 hours while keeping the skin nourished, giving you a flawless look throughout the day.

The answer to every woman’s beauty needs, Fair & Lovely Powder cream cuts down the time consuming ritual of touch ups by giving you a set look for the whole day. The product was developed keeping in mind the need of millions of young Indian women who spend the major part of their day outside the house, attending college or travelling which leaves little scope of checking their look time and again.

There is nothing worse than having a roller coaster day and in between checking your look to see that the glow has completely vanished. You try to overcome dullness by reapplying fairness cream every 3-4 hours or applying powder on top of the cream to mitigate the oil build-up. Fair & Lovely Powder Cream gives your skin a shine-free soft smooth look that keeps your fair and radiant look set throughout the day.”



Fair and Lovely further explains why this Powder Cream should replace your current make-up, “Skip the hassle of constantly checking your look with the new Fair & Lovely Powder Cream that ensures instant & long lasting fairness for not 1 or 2 but 14 hours. The unique brightening powder absorbs oil and the advanced multivitamin creams gives you expert treatment like fairness,helping you maintain a long lasting fairness look. Fair & Lovely Powder Cream blends naturally with Indian skin tones adding a soft & smooth glow to the skin, leading to flawless fairness all day long.”


How To Use: The application is rather simple, just dot the cream across a cleansed face & neck & gently blend in.


Thanks to the Bloggers Meet that FAL hosted for us at Shangri-La (Eros Hotel, Delhi), we were able to try out the product on the same day for a few hours while we enjoyed various fun activities and games planned by the Fair and Lovely team. We made posters, create advertisements, played association, dumb-charades and what not! It was honestly such a delightful, fun-filled day. Having attended so many Blogger Meets I can definitely say that this one was very unique and engaging!



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Our Take On This Product:

First impression of the product packaging was that it was very subtle, not too fancy. It is just the right amount of neon pink and white. On taking the product on my finger, I felt that the texture of the product was very smooth which helped in easy application. The product has a very fresh fragrance which gives an instant smile to your face!

After a few hours, lots of fun and activities when we checked the product, it was still there. I would say that it stayed for a good 5-6 hours after which a slight touch-up could do the trick! What I loved about the product is that it felt very light on the face, almost like nothing is on there! And since this Powder Cream helps avoid Foundation as well as Powder, it is a simple one-step application that can help get you through the day. The product definitely brightens up your face and gives you a fresh hint of fragrance on application. One of the biggest pros of using this product is that it doesn’t mess with my oily skin! It is non-oily just as it claims and matte too, to an extent. The only con I found about this product was that it got cakey after a few hours. Although touching up helped with this problem, but be sure to carry the product if you’re leaving home for long duration.


Available in two sizes, 18 gm (INR 55) and 40 gm (INR 115), the main colour theme of this product is neon pink teamed up with white. Something that is perfect for college girls, it is just the right amount of simple and quirky. The product is very travel friendly and a tight cap ensures that it doesn’t spill in the purse ever. If you’re a college or office girl, this is one product you should definitely try out. It is very affordable as well as travel friendly. It’ll save you time and money! It’ll also keep you fresh and bright for long hours and save you the trouble of constant re-touch.


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