Proud To Be Indian Collection (Obeetee x Tarun Tahiliani)

Obeetee recently collaborated with  Tarun Tahiliani to unveil the first ever India inspired limited edition rugs collection. The collection, centered on the ‘Proud to be Indian’ theme, showcases quintessential Indian designs for the first time in the country’s artistic rug heritage. The initiative was led by Obeetee’s distinguished design team and supported by India’s leading couturiers. The rugs were launched at Bikaner House (Delhi) on 6th January 2017.


Obeetee’s vision to introduce the incredible Indian craft to the rest of the world, sees the coming together of India’s leading designers to display high-end couture rug pieces that have never been woven before. While Tahiliani has designed the brand’s maiden India-inspired collection, it has also brought on board, other illustrious designers of the Indian design circuit like Raghavendra Rathore, Abraham & Thakore, to conceptualize this ambitious project, Proud to be Indian.


Obeetee x Tarun TahilianiObeetee x Tarun Tahiliani

Obeetee x Tarun TahilianiObeetee x Tarun Tahiliani

Obeetee x Tarun TahilianiObeetee x Tarun Tahiliani



Seamlessly blending the traditional and the contemporary, these carpets designed by Tarun for Obeetee are a nod to India’s glorious heritage and to her vibrant present. As the name suggests, Antique Frames is based on the borders painted in the most elaborate refinement, on the periphery of most Indian/Mughal miniature paintings. Each rug encapsulates the mood and is finished with a distressed look to reflect the patina of that era. The rich color palette celebrates lively tones like Indian reds, burgundies, and rusts.


The second segment glorifies the traditional embroidery art of chikankari; the blocks, have been sourced from the cornices of the local architecture and have jaals and vines from the Persian gardens. The canvases painted by the designer himself inspire the third segment.


Obeetee tells us, “These magnificent rugs start their journey at the hands of some of OBEETEE’s most skilled weavers, who were carefully chosen for this challenging task. These old hands came with decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of their craft. The top-notch construction of these carpets called for specific skill set – over 150 knots per square inch, and this set of handpicked weavers did complete justice to the assigned job. Hand knotted in silk and imported wool, these rugs are an ultimate experience in luxury. Each one is unique in its patterns, colors, and textures.”


Obeetee x Tarun TahilianiObeetee x Tarun Tahiliani


My favorite out of all would definitely be the Chikankari collection! What makes these designs so precious, you ask? For the Chikankari collection, the Karigars were specially trained in-house by Tarun’s skilled artists to embroider these rugs. It took almost a year to produce one rug of this collection and hence these signed masterpieces are nothing short of timeless treasures for its proud owners.


What next? If you weren’t feeling excited till now, you definitely will! The limited edition designs have also be taken across the globe, beginning with the USA in February. A series of exclusive exhibitions and receptions will also be held in honor of each designer in New York, spanning next few months. Could I be any prouder of this collaboration? I personally would jump at any chance that I get to represent India and this is just one of those times.

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