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Aashna Malani

Nykaa recently launched their Matteilicious Lip Crayons as well as Eyembold Kajal and I’m so excited to share my first impressions, reviews as well as swatches for them! While I buy from Nykaa often, I had never really tried their products, which come under the banner of Nykaa originals, until just now when they were sent to me. And I must say, I’m quite surprised at how good they are! Keep reading on to know all about them.


All the products came packed in this classy Nykaa gift box, wrapped securely.

Aashna Malani x Nykaa

Aashna Malani x Nykaa



Talking about the products inside, I received 4 Matteilicious Lip Crayons, Eyembold Kajal and 5 sharpeners (1 for each). They all have the classic Nykaa packaging, in red and pink shades and the products have a matte outer packaging. The Lip Crayons also have the lip color shade at the bottom (which I’d hoped was on top so that I don’t have to store it bottom up as it can ruin the product if not kept very very carefully). However, this shade on the outside (even if at the bottom) definitely helps determine the color inside, one does not have to open all shades to find the shade of choice.



Nykaa Matteilicious Lip Crayons

These Lip Crayons are currently available in 4 shades: Next Level Nude, Pink on Fleek, Hot as Red and Perfect Plum. This is what the colors look like:

Nykaa Mattelicious Lip Crayons Swatches x Aashna Malani


Nykaa claims, “Nykaa Matteilicious Lip Crayons is the perfect way to get that gorgeous matte pout! This cruelty-free, and high-pigment formula gives you an intense matte finish that lasts for hours without fading or feathering! The unique formulation ensures that your lips stay comfortable, colored up and matte-smooth all day long! Bonus: These vivid, full-coverage hues are hand-selected and named by our In-house Nykaa Panel to ensure your lips look as gorgeous as you! Also, these babies will ensure you look fabulous without breaking the bank. Go ahead, grab em’all!”


Next Level Nude: Take the things to another level with the Nykaa Matteilicious Lip Crayon. Walk down the road with this sultry nude shade. Swipe it on babe, and do it your way!

Pink On Fleek: Disturb the peace and bring the roof down with the Nykaa Matteilicious Lip Crayon in Pink On Fleek. This lovely pink shade is sure to kick up the fun factor. Sit back and enjoy the ride with the bubbly shade.

Hot As Red: Get the temperature soaring with our Nykaa Matteilicious Lip Crayon in Hot As Red. This flaming hot red hue is all you need to make your man count his blessings! Swipe this gorgeous hue on and set things on fire.

Perfect Plum: Paint the perfect picture with the Nykaa Matteilicious Lip Crayon in Perfect Plum. This deep plum hue is powerful enough to make a statement and mysterious enough to keep things interesting. Take things in your hand with this mystical hue. Remember, a little mystery never hurt anyone!


Nykaa Mattelicious Lip Crayons Swatches x Aashna Malani


Our Take On This product

True to its claim, these Lip Crayons are matte (semi-matte to be precise), which is great considering how many brands claim their products are matte when they’re really glossy! These last really long in comparison to some of the other lip crayons I have tried, almost 5-6 hours after which it starts to fade overall (which is good, I hate the lippies which start fading from inside only). These lippies are also very moisturizing and not at all drying, a big thumbs up to the formulation! The colors are well-pigmented and a single stroke does the trick, no need for retouch! These are also quite affordable in comparison to other lip crayons in the market. Overall, there is not one strong con I found for this product (besides the less number of shades in this range and that it’s not waterproof) which totally makes it worth it. Priced at Rs.  650 each with a free sharpener, this product is a must buy. My favorite from the lot is hands down Next Level Nude because true to its name, this Nude shade is next level!



  1. Semi-matte finish
  2. One stroke application
  3. Lasts 5-6 hours
  4. Not drying, keeps lips moisturized
  5. Affordable in comparison to other brands
  6. Transfer proof



  1. Only 4 basic shades available, only 2 out of 4 will suit dusky or dark skin tones  (Hot as Red, Perfect Plum)
  2. Will come off when in contact with water



Nykaa Eyembold Kajal

Another latest launch by Nykaa is their Eyembold Kajal which looks like this:

Nykaa eyembold kajal x Aashna Malani


Nykaa claims, “Opt the Nykaa EyemBOLD kajal for the days you want to look extra bold and extra sassy! This kajal locks down the intense black pigment in a matter of seconds to give you those bold, beautiful eyes. The waterproof formula stays put all day long without smudging or transferring. One easy-peasy stroke of this wonder kajal transforms your eyes!”


Our Take On This product

Having lines under my eyes since an early age for me means no Kajal, ever. Yes, do you realize the struggle? I have tried God knows how many kajals but all in vain. Except one or two, all of them have ended up smudging. And this Nykaa baby has joined the approved list, making it 2-3 kajal’s that don’t end up everywhere except my eyes. It glides on rather easily and true to its claim, is water and transfer proof which makes it a suitable buy. It doesn’t budge from the waterline. Just a single stroke gives you a very bold look (I ended up using this as both an eyeliner as well as a kajal and it totally up my eye makeup game! For me, this lasted almost 9 hours which is a.m.a.z.i.n.g! Overall, I don’t have any cons to this product either. Shocking, right? I always have some issues with products, heh. Priced at Rs. 450, comes with a sharpener free, this is a must-buy if you’re into bold looks!



  1. Waterproof and transfer proof
  2. One-stroke application
  3. Lasts all day
  4. Can be used as a bold eyeliner


Once again, this post is not sponsored and I genuinely liked these products. If you haven’t used Nykaa originals till date, this range should definitely be your first! If you like these products, you can buy them from Nykaa.com or Nykaa app (I prefer the app).


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