REVIEW: Kairtis Oil

To start with, my grandmother is an arthritis (a disease causing painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints) patient. She has been undergoing dialysis on and off since more than 8-9 years now and is a proud survivor. It isn’t easy for kidney patients and I am so proud of her for being so strong throughout. Even if we lost hope for a minute sometime, she never did. It is crazy how calm she has been throughout this journey and if nothing else, patience is something I have definitely learnt from her. With constant ups and downs in her reports, not once has she ever complained about life. Sure, about tons of medicines she has to take, but never life. She is one of the few people in my life who makes me stronger and I cannot jot it down in words, how much I respect her for that.  I never met my late grandfather, but if there’s one thing I’m sure about, it’s that he would be so SO proud of her.


They say, ‘for patients with arthritis, kidney problems can indeed complicate treatment plans’. This means that most of the times they can’t take the same medicines as us, as the medicines are too strong. Strong medicines can cause a LOT of harm to kidney patients. My granny has thus been prescribed certain light medicines along with some ayurvedic remedies and medicines. Light medicines also mean that they work slow and may not even help completely kill the pain. Thus, it is important to look at alternatives, home remedies.

Recently, Kairali (Ayurvedic Group) approached me regarding the same and shared their latest remedy for all external pains. This product, Kairtis Oil, is ideal for all Rheumatic and Arthritis pains. In other words, it is beneficial for all types of arthritic, joint, muscular pains as well as body-aches. The box that I was sent for review contains Kairtis Oil (55 ml) and Kolakulathadi Choornam Potli pack (1 potli x 80 gm). Here’s what it looks like:


Kairali shares, “Muscle pains are quite common for most of us in our everyday life, with Ayurvedic oil for muscle pain one can easily get relief from soared and stretched muscles. Our day to day lives are filled with stress and tension due to our hectic and grueling lifestyle routines, muscular pain is something that is quite common for most of us.

And, most of the times we consume pain killers to reduce our muscular pains. However, what we tend to forget is that painkillers are harmful and can have some serious damaging effects in the long run as they all have side effects. Therefore, it is advisable to consume medicines or other alternatives to save oneself from muscles and joint pains or to reduce them.

Kairali Ayurveda has launched an Ayurvedic treatment for muscle pain for the 1st time in India, Kairtis Oil, with the latest advancement in Ayurveda. Kairtis is known to relieve you from all types muscular, joint and arthritic pains. It is a complete muscle joint pain relief Ayurvedic oil, made with the best herbs of the nature. The oil comes in an attractive packaging along with a Potli for massage.”



How To Use:

  1. Take 5-6 ml of Kairtis oil and massage on the affected area. Massage gently for 15 minutes, recommended. Repeat if desired.
  2. Heat 10-12 ml of oil in an oil heating vessel on a low flame.
  3. Heat potli in the same oil heating vessel with the oil.
  4. Check the temperature of the potli by gently applying it on dorsal part of the palm to make sure that the heat of the potli is bearable before application.
  5. Do the potli therapy by tapping the potli gently over the affected area.
  6. Massage the joints with the potli in a circular motion. Massage in the clockwise direction for 5 times and then keep it still for few seconds and then massage again in anticlockwise direction for 5 times.
  7. Repeat the therapy for minimum 15-20 minutes by intermittently heating the potli to keep it warm.
  8. You can add 3-5 ml oil to the heating vessel if it seems to be dry.
  9. Apply Kairtis oil with potli twice a day, for effective results.


My Take On This Product:

Crazy as it might seem to some, I haven’t believed in Ayurvedic remedies much. While a few people from my family do and are very regular in their use, I prefer my medicines when necessary. But for those who cannot take strong medicines, Ayurvedic remedies can come as a blessing in disguise. Similar to this is this new product. I obviously had my doubts when I said yes to this collaboration but my granny was interested so how could I say no?

When the product initially arrived, it seemed promising to all. Great packing, travel-friendly and most importantly, came equipped with instructions and labels. My grandmother followed the instructions of using the product twice a day and it lasted her 11 days (might differ for everyone). The product ensured immediate relief after application which is something that her light medicines don’t do. Her knee pain sometimes gets so extreme that she cannot even walk. This Oil was a great solution to that! My grandmother was SO happy with the product, she asked me to order another box, this time the bigger one. So, the pro was that the Oil gave immediate relief. But the con was that the relief isn’t long-lasting. If you’re not regular with the product, you might not even see any results. This was my grandmother’s experience of 11 days. For some , it might take longer so remember, patience is the key. I will definitely share our experience again after a few weeks as then, my grandmother will be able to be a better judge of how much this product is helping her. But till then, for all the people with joint and muscular pain, this product is a must-try!


You can buy this product for yourself, or your family from here. It is also available in a bigger size. I would recommend trying out this 55 ml box first before buying the bigger 110 ml box. If it works, this would be like a boon for you and your family, just like it was for my granny!

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Please Note:

  1. This is not a sponsored post. Only the product was sent for a review.
  2. This review in no way forces anyone to try the product, it is your personal choice.
  3. All pictures are my own and cannot be used without my explicit permission.


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