REVIEW: My Envy Box (Beauty – June edition)

Beautiful as always, this month’s My Envy Box is bright and vibrant. Reminding us of the coming monsoon season, this floral box has some great monsoon essentials one can keep in their purses/bags to save their hair and skin from any damage.


Monsoon = rain, which means that we need to keep our umbrellas and raincoats ready. But not just that, it is also important to use certain products to save our hair and skin in case it comes in contact with the rain water. While many of us take extra care not to get wet in the rain, many take the bold step to get wet to enjoy the weather to its fullest. For both the kinds of people, My Envy Box has come up with the June Beauty Box. Let’s talk about every product one-by-one to know what’s best for you.


  • Herra Hair Care Protect Hair Perfume (Full bottle price: INR 2495)

Brand claims,” Give your hair a luxurious treat with the Herra 50ml hair care protect hair perfume. The sunflower content of this hair perfume helps in protecting the structure of your hair, while glycerine hydrates and nourishes your tresses. Its alluring fragrance is a blend of several ingredients such as Italian bergamot, midnight orchid, loquat fruit, rose, white jasmine, heliotrope and more. Curly, straight or wavy, this hair perfume spray is suitable for all hair types. It is free of paraben content and is extremely safe to be used on your hair.”


My Take on this product: It is very important to take care of our hair, especially during monsoons and this hair perfume protects your hair as well as exudes a sweet fragrance that makes your hair smell good for a few good hours. You can refresh and keep your hair protected throughout the day from the sun, free radicals and pollution. I use this product now-a-days whenever I go out in the sun and just as it claims, this product keeps my hair moisturised and nourished throughout. The only negative is that I have oily hair so this product makes my hair greasy after 5-6 hours – so unless you have a long day ahead, you can definitely try this product on for a few hours!


  • O3+ Aloe Derma Hydrating Gel (INR 385)

Brand claims, “Aloe Derma Hydrating Gel hydrates the skin while soothing, cooling and reducing any form of redness and rashes.”

Directions: Apply on the face in circular motion, massage gently and rinse off. Use daily.


My Take on this product: Just as it claims, this product soothes and cools the skin, fighting the concerns of redness, rashes, spots as well as acne. This product is said to be good for all skin types. Considering I have oily skin and that this does not make my skin greasy, I believe all skin types should be able to use this product without making their skin act out or becoming greasy. Aloe Vera, as we all know, is known to have anti-inflammatory as well as healing properties, thus it helps heal as well as moisturize your skin. This product is good for all seasons and can be used daily for best results.


  • Votre Purifying Deep Cleansing and Clearing Masque (Full size price: INR 1090)

Brand claims, “The purifying masque is combined of antioxidant, Botanical blend along with rosehip oil leaving skin refreshed, nurtured and completely clean. This is an ideal cleansing ritual for those who prefer an aromatic, medicated option. Great for cleansing oily skin and the troublesome T-zone, this formula clears blemishes and helps prevent their return, while the addition of Peach means skin is left soft and not overly dry.”


Directions: Take sufficient quantity of masque in a bowl and mix with water (filter water) till it forms a smooth paste. Apply an even layer on the face and neck and clean after 15 minutes with water/moist cotton.


My Take on this product: This product worked great on my oily skin. It removed the oil as well as dirt from my skin, without leaving it dry, but nourished – as needed. After using this for 2 weeks, this masque also showed visible results in clearing small acne/ blemishes from my skin. This is an amazing product for people who want to get rid of blemishes or acne on their skin as well as for those who want to relax their skin and get rid of all that extra oil and dirt! A definite add to my weekly regime.


  • Calvin Klein CK2 Perfume tester (Full size price: INR 3800)

Brand claims, “Complex while cool and natural, two fragrance worlds merge together to create an exuberant, intimate and contrasted connection. Gender-free fragrance.”


My Take on this product: This product has been called a gender-free fragrance where as this product leans more towards the floral than the musky scent. Although either sex can wear this scent, if I were not told that this was a Unisex fragrance, I would have definitely assumed it was for Her.

This is a scent that you can probably wear during the day but for me, this isn’t strong enough to be worn at night. The scent doesn’t last too long, it stayed for roughly 2-3 hours and that’s it. Compared to other CK fragrances, this one definitely does not make my top list. All in all, this is a very interesting scent, but unless you’re looking for a floral, day-wear scent, this isn’t what you’re looking for. But just as the brand claims, the perfume does have a very natural and soothing effect. The scent is definitely fit for the monsoon season!


  • L’occitane Divine Cream Samples (Full size price: INR 6990)

Brand claims, “Vivacious divinity packed in an award-winning “miracle” product, the L’Occitane Divine Cream combines the organic Immortelle essential oil with a new 7-plant derived complex that emanates a subtle pleasure for a delightful skin.”

Directions: Apply morning and evening to clean face and neck. Smooth cream over the middle of the face. Then apply to the neck, working upwards and alternating between the left and right hands. Energize the skin by using the pads of the fingers to perform small energetic pinching movements along the outline of the face, working up from the chin to the ears to help skin micro-circulation. Promote drainage and smooth the skin with strokes using the flat of the hand to release toxins. Use downward strokes to apply the cream to the neck. Then along the middle of the face. Then on the forehead, working outwards from the center. Cup the hands over the ears, to appreciate the benefits of the product in silence. Press lightly then relax.


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