REVIEW: Oriflame (Pure Colour Eyeliner + The ONE High Impact Eye Pencil)

Communication is very important among us humans and the best way to communicate is with our eyes. Our eyes never fail to express our emotions even though words might. Enigmatic eyes can mesmerize others and we girls know just the trick: make-up. Now while make-up is available in different varieties, finding the right make-up can make or break a look. The right eye make-up can add that glam factor to your personality which can make all the difference.

In our search for the right make-up to share with you all, we stumbled upon two Oriflame products among others that were sent to us for review by Rizwana (Oriflame seller) and we thought we should share our views with you all regarding the same. This way, you’ll know what you choose and what not to! The two products we are reviewing here are: Oriflame Sweden Pure Colour Eyeliner and Oriflame The ONE High Impact Eye Pencil. We have also reviewed other Oriflame products which you can find by searching “Oriflame” on our website!


1. Oriflame Sweden Pure Colour Eyeliner


Aashna Malani

Oriflame claims, “If you love eye make-up, you ought to have this Pure Colour Eyeliner from Oriflame among your vanity essentials, to enjoy different looks every day.”


Oriflame further shares three USP’s of the product, them being:

  • Intense Shade: A smooth glide of the rich shade of black leaves no stone un-turned to give your eyes a dramatic makeover.
  • Smudge-proof: Apply this eyeliner in the morning, and you will be surprised to find the line perfectly in sync by the end of the day.
  • Easy to Apply: The brush tip applicator makes it easy to reshape your eyes to precision.


Our Take On This Product: Reading a lot of customer reviews on various e-commerce websites we found that this particular product has got very negative strong opinions. Thus, we thought that instead of rating this product, we would share our personal experience with you, thus leaving you with the facts to judge if it works for you or not.

Starting with Oriflame’s first claim of Intense Shade, once applied it is a rich shade of black but over a period of time, it becomes a more grayish-black shade. Second claim is that it is smudge-proof, which we did not find to be true. The product did last a good few hours, about 3-4 hours, but it certainly does not stay the whole day. Also, as the consistency is very runny, you might end up smudging it while applying only if you’re not careful. But if you are, it will stay put for 3-4 hours without smudging. The third claim we found was very true. The brush tip applicator does make it easy to apply and helps be precise. We would also like to mention that we love the packing. It is simple, elegant and very travel friendly! You can just pop it into your clutch or purse, it won’t take much space and if you don’t mind re-touching your eye make-up this will work great for you!


2. Oriflame The ONE High Impact Eye Pencil

Aashna Malani

Oriflame claims, “Confident eye lining in a single stroke. Intense colour glides on smoothly and lasts all day without fading, slipping or smudging. Retractable tip never needs sharpening. The one high impact  eye pencil is retractable and easy to carry. Priced at INR 399 it comes in four shades namely Amazon green, Onyx black, Midnight blue and Deep plum.”


Our Take On This Product: What we love about this product is that it works as an eyeliner as well as a kajal! You can apply it on your waterline to highlight your eyes or use it as an eyeliner to create smokey eyes, cat eyes, bold and dramatic or a very simply yet elegant look. The shade does not fade away for a good 5-6 hours and unless constantly played with, the colour does not smudge. While it does not stay for long after coming in contact with water, it definitely fights against the sun and stays. The pigmentation is opaque, but two swipes are enough to achieve good smooth finish. We love this product and use it quite often. If you’re looking for a good eye pencil, you should definitely give this a try. If you’re looking for similar products, don’t hesitate to ask Rizwana for suggestions.


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Please Note:

  1. This is not a sponsored post. Only the product was sent for a review.
  2. This review in no way forces anyone to try the product, it is your personal choice.
  3. All pictures are my own and cannot be used without my explicit permission.

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