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Soaps are a very important part of our daily lives. How bad would we all smell if we didn’t use soap everyday? The thought is hideous in itself, ugh. Many of us use branded soaps which are available in drugstores but many of us like to use hand-made, chemical-free soaps. Which is why, I would like to introduce Shuddhi herbal soaps to you!

Shuddhi Logo

Shuddhi Logo

To start with, a little about this brand, Shuddhi is a range of premium handmade soaps which comes in seven variants. These are herbal soaps which are suitable for all skin types. Brand also makes customized and designer soaps. The idea behind Shuddhi is to support the NGO: Aahvan-Ek Pehal, which helps women from lower strata of the society. Percentage of profits earned go directly to the NGO.


So basically I would say: A good brand, a great initiative.


Furthermore, if we talk about the packing, it is simple yet elegant. While many might expect fancy packaging for premium soaps, I believe the simplicity and quality of these soaps speak for themselves. Sometimes, elegance means more than being fancy and that’s exactly what I feel about these soaps.

Talking about the price of these products, these soaps are dirt cheap (mostly all pieces cost less than INR 100) if compared to other premium soaps. And honestly, the fact that they’re for such a good cause make them even more attractive to me. The light fragrance, the soft texture, the great quality all point towards the fact that this is an amazing product. It’s definitely something you all should try once if you’re fond of hand-made soaps. If not, what’s the harm in gifting them to your loved ones who are fond of such products? You will be helping the cause while also bringing a smile to many people’s faces, including your loved ones and some thankful strangers.


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