Summer Bummer to Summer Love ∞

Summers are all about crazy adventures under the sun, fashion on the streets, beauty in our minds, food experiments in our houses and lots and lots of ice cream. But a lot of the times, summer is a bummer! Even genies from cold bottles can’t make it go away.

While we want to enjoy this weather with our trendy new outfits and new favourites among food, we are stuck with unwanted skin and health problems, courtesy of the humidity around. How is one supposed to look and feel good with excessive tanning, pimples, blackheads or worse, crazy itching or rashes? So to live with this scorching heat, it is important to be up-to date with some tips and tricks up your sleeve. From keeping yourself cool to being better organised for this hot weather, we’ve got you covered! Get ready to discover 7 Genius Summer time hacks that will blow your mind.


1) Keep your ice-cream soft, ready to serve

Did you know that keeping your ice-cream in a Ziploc freezer bag will keep it soft? The bag not only helps to keep your ice-cream soft but also prevents those little ice crystals from forming. This is a great way to prolong the life of your ice-cream and make sure that it’s always soft enough to serve. Now you don’t have to bend your spoons to take ice-cream out!


2) Instantly cool a hotdrink

Talking a gulf of a hot soda isn’t fun no matter what season it is. Well! If you are tired sipping a warm soda, I have got a perfect solution for you. You just need to submerge your drink in a bowl of ice water, with little salt in it. Your drink’s temperature will drop several degrees in just a couple of minutes. Isn’t it a great summer chemistry lesson? Fun AND useful.


3) Time to start using straws with cans

One of the inventions going to waste since a long time, until 9 gag introduced it to us would be the space provided in all soda cans for a straw. While we never understood what this was for, it is time that we all started using this invention. It is really helpful because this way the straw doesn’t keep floating out and neither does the content of the can. You just need to twist the can tab over and stick your straw through that. They do an excellent job of keeping your straw in place. This is also hygienic, helps avoid health problems.


4) Get rid of pimples overnight

Do not panic when you see a big ugly pimple on your face next time. Just relax and try this lifesaving hack. Apply  white toothpaste on your pimples before going to bed and let it stay all night. Wash away  the dry toothpaste and you will see that the redness and size of pimples has reduced in the morning. Summers and pimples, this time we are one step ahead of ya!


5) Frozen Aloe-vera gel

One of the worst consequences of summers is getting sunburns. Put some Aloe-vera gel into an ice cube tray and freeze it. The cool will be really soothing on the nasty burn and the Aloe-vera gel is perfect for helping sunburns to heal.


6) Paste the mosquitoes

If mosquitoes tend to enjoy you for their meal, you can avoid the itchiness by applying toothpaste on the bite and it will instantly stop itching. You can also apply it on burns as it will reduce the burning sensation and will help it to heal. Now live care free, why be afraid of mosquito bites? Tooth-Paste them now!


7) Smell good all day long

Bad odour and sweaty armpits come complimentary with summers. You can smell good all day long by applying Vaseline on those parts of your body where you want to spray perfume like wrist, neck etc. This way your perfume or body oil will last longer than usual. If you are out of your deodorants and fear of smelling bad because of sweat, simply apply or spray lemon juice on your armpits. It will help your to prevent bad odour. Also, lemon helps to get rid of dark underarms. While it may not sound too good to do, it feels better to know it works really well.



5 more simple tips to help you this summer:

1) Apply sunscreen whenever you leave your house.

2) Drink lots of water. At least 7-8 glasses daily.

3) Carry a hat or an umbrella with you to protect yourself from harsh rays of sun.

4) Do not forget to wear sunglasses as your eyes need protection from harsh UV rays.

5) Wear light colour cotton clothes as they will keep you cool and fresh and will absorb the sweat.


Kill the heat and make your summers easy by trying out these super effective 7 summer hacks and don’t forget the 5 simple tips! These are simple, useful and very effective. With the weather constantly rising, it is very important to take care of our lives to continue with our busy schedules. Who has time for the bed when we are out to conquer the world?

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