Tired of Hair-fall? Here’s the Answer to Your Hair Woes!

Aashna Malani

Time and again I have heard that switching shampoos is good for the hair. Not just from relatives but some magazines too, support this statement. They say, “Every 2-3 months you should change your shampoo to keep your hair healthy and long. Shampoo build-up is not good for hair and it can leave your locks heavy and lifeless, without either volume or shine. Most shampoos become less effective with regular use.” But is it really true or just one of those myths that leads to no good?

Aashna Malani x Dr. Reddy's HAiROOTZ


Being a blogger, breaking these myths is my duty. So I decided to try this theory. I changed my shampoo every few months just as suggested and honestly, all it did was give me the gift of hair-fall. Forget healthy or long, they became rough and started breaking easily. To this, my dermatologist added that switching shampoos too often is actually bad for the hair and it can also lead to skin conditions (like scalp dermatitis or seborrheic dermatitis) which can sometimes also cause hair loss!


This made me realize that it was high time I look for an alternative for you all because changing shampoos regularly is definitely not the solution. And many of you actually face the problem of heavy hair fall almost every day.  So while searching online through various sites for effective alternatives, that don’t just claim but also work, I found HAiROOTZ!


So, what is HAiROOTZ?


It is basically a food nutrition supplement which nourishes your hair from within. Hair loss occurs because of lack of nutrition and HAiROOTZ provides the hair with essential nutrition to combat your hair woes.

It is available in the form of soflets which are easy to swallow, water soluble and rather easy to digest. These nutrients over time work their magic and nourish your hair. They repair damaged hair caused by deficiencies. The best results can be ensured by taking one of these soflets every day, regularly for 3-4 months.


Aashna Malani x Dr. Reddy's HAiROOTZ


The ingredients include an ideal combination of biotin, folic acid, grape seed extract and other essential vitamins and minerals which nourish the hair.


‘Biotin strengthens hair roots by breaking down fats and amino acids as per the body’s requirement which reduces the breakage of hair & prevents split ends. It increases the elasticity of hair which minimizes hair breakage and helps strengthen and thicken hair. Grape seed is known to help fight hair fall by keeping up the optimum level of hair growth stimulating hormones in the human body. It helps in increasing circulation of blood and oxygen in the hair follicle so that the hair root strengthens with the passage of time.’ (source: Lybrate)


Aashna Malani x Dr. Reddy's HAiROOTZ


So while we are deeply engrossed in our busy lives, our lifestyles don’t allow us to give a lot of time or care to our damaged hair. With the city heat and other products we so carelessly use without thinking twice, it is essential that we consider helping this situation with nutrition supplements and this is where HAiROOTZ soflets become your best buddy. So it is time that we say no to hair-fall and yes to healthy hair. Are you with me?!


Also, there is a great contest going on, on HAiROOTZ’s FB page where you can win free HAiROOTZ samples: https://www.facebook.com/hairootz/

Buy your product here: http://goo.gl/PG6nsh


Aashna Malani x Dr. Reddy's HAiROOTZ


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