The 1 Million Instagram Fam Party!

Aashna Malani 1 Million

To the dream that became a reality! I’m still pinching myself at the thought of our Instagram Family becoming 1 Million strong and counting.


Blessed, grateful, and thankful to everyone who has supported me over the years (and not), this wouldn’t have been possible without each one of you. Here is a huge shoutout to everyone who believed in me because WE MADE IT and I just want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of my journey.



The journey that started as a passion became my full-time career and my followers became my family. To wake up every day and know there are people looking out for you and constantly connected with you is a great feeling. This journey made me who I am and from a shy introvert (to new people) to a confident, candid gal known to millions, this has been one hell of a ride and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


And of course, the bigger the dream, the bigger the (virtual) party, right? You all showered me with so much love both online and offline, I’m so excited to share all the deets with you.



Starting with the gorgeous 1 M Bouquet and gift hampers, chocolates, and flowers from my family, it was definitely a very special moment to share that 999,999 moment turning into a 1 Million moment with them. A party with the closest people around me meant a lot, to celebrate the hard work that had paid off after so many years. So grateful and blessed.


Summing up my favorite interests was this outstandingly creative 1M Volcano cake from my friends that had me completely blown away. Covering beauty, fashion, leisure, this super cute cake had a bathtub designed on top which after putting dry ice and warm water had smoke coming out of it. Hands down one of the cutest surprises from my loved ones!


And now that we are talking about the party, how can we not talk about the super classy and premium Golden-Black Dome Decor by Birthday Bumps? It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Shruti and Kartik in creating this personalized look and it definitely upped the party look multiple folds. They took care of the little details and the overall theme very well. Giving a gorgeous backdrop for the pictures and photo session area, everyone enjoyed how it turned out!


Talking about the Gold Isomalt Bowl Cake by Crumbs & Flake, the cake had been beautifully gold splattered with a sugar isomalt bowl on top which had gold-painted Ferreros in it! This cake was nothing less of an art piece and it definitely tasted as delicious as it looked. Vinaika absolutely nailed the dark chocolate flavor I requested and I couldn’t have asked for more.


The Big Rose Heart Box that could win a million hearts was from none other than TheTrillionRoses. What I love about their rose boxes is that it can be customized. Personally, I got a customized black heart box filled with red and metallic roses and absolutely fell in love with it! One of the most premium rose bouquet brands, you’ve already seen me rave about this brand before and know how much I love them.


Going with the alphabet-number cakes trend, the beautiful 1 M Cake was designed by Zana Patisserie. Personalized in black, brown, and cream colors, we requested an Oreo delight from Deeksha and it was so heavenly! All the little details with the mini chocolates, kitkats, and macarons won my heart, and this cake definitely is perfect for any occasion. Super delicious and trendy!


I absolutely adore Customized Boxes and so I loved this one from ThePrisKitch. With personalized photographs from my feed, the tastiest brownie cake, chocolate-covered strawberries, and cookies all wrapped inside a beautiful red box, it’s the full package created by Priyanshi. I love how everything was so tempting and is 100% eggless which is amazing!


If you’re a foodie and dessert person like me, you already know all about the trending Gown Cake, just like this one from ManashiDeCakesmith. Ashi designed this one personalized for me and we requested a strawberry vanilla flavor that went so well with the theme of the cake. I fell head over heels over the white-pink gown cake as it was beautiful on the outside, and divine on the inside!


You all already know about my love for balloons so TheTimberly went ahead and created a gorgeous Balloon Bouquet Hamper for me. With a personalized message saying ‘#Bossbabe, A well-deserved 1M!’ on premium balloons, stunning flowers in a customized name wooden box, I couldn’t get over how cute this hamper looked. It makes a beautiful gift for any occasion as well.


A great surprise that I loved was this Digital Portrait by MagicDwar. By now you already know my love for personalized gifts and this one was no exception. Created beautifully keeping every little detail in mind, it’s a beautiful gift to give your loved ones that they can hang and enjoy the memories always.


I am so overwhelmed by all the love and blessings I have received, I am forever grateful.



To the ones who have been asking me and aspire to be a social media influencer, blogger, public figure, creator, artist, or entrepreneur, I will just say this – be consistent with your work, dream and be grateful for both, the ups and the downs. It is not a one-day success and it is not easy, it is something I pursued for years and years (even when no one supported me) and it is a 24*7 job. Right from picking up calls at 1-2 am to finishing work on insane deadlines to being glamorous and up to date all the time, the behind-the-scenes aren’t as easy as what you see on social media. Only if you persist and truly feel passionate about your job can you do it well and get ahead in your career. And if you can do that, success doesn’t seem so far away. It is a difficult career like any other but very rewarding because, at the end of the day, your social media family becomes an extension of your own family.


I love you guys.



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  1. This is not a sponsored post, we genuinely loved the gifts and posted unbiased reviews.
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  3. Shoot by Sourabh Bokolia
  4. Curated by Team Aashna Malani

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