The Story of I: Blurred Lines

Aashna Malani

Stitch it together, in seamless bonds
Till the lines are blurred

My tears and your too-dry eyes
That speak without words

Far beyond our horizons, far away from here
In a place where pain cannot exist

Streaming in rivulets down my cheeks
South of this moment, there exists a dimension

Where no one is hungry for care
Torn between what we want, and what we get

And the feelings we cannot share
Snug beneath your neck, nestled against your shoulder

Lies my head now, my cheeks finally dry
The soothing presence that I long to draw within me

So close that it all blurs, blurred lines
Where do you end, where do I start?

The ache of tears in my throat in apprehension
Of the moment when you’ll want me no more, like all others who tired

Tired of having me by their side, oh what should I have done right?
‘It feels right again, by another one’s side ‘

I’m afraid to feel again, lest it’s all a short lived dream
But feel I do, beside you in this moment

Clean and pure, exquisite glitter
Of everything through my tears

You wipe it away and hold me again
Believe me, I won’t

But sooner or later, I do know,
These blurred lines shall resolve again…


Aashna Malani - couple photography

Picture: Google


Written By: Sreya Ghosh

Featured Picture: Instagram

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