The Story of I: Let Me

Let me drink you from my eyes,
Let every sweat of my palm tickle on your neck,
Let me fill my mouth with every name of yours,
And let every claw of the meaning of your name scratch the skin of my throat,
Down my spine, ruin me!


Let me do with you what they wrote about in love stories,
Let’s go and scrape our knees tumbling on each other’s metaphors
Kiss with your eyelashes but don’t bite tonight.
I want to fill my pockets with your cologne.

And burn in the desire, shower flames on my lips today,
Let me sink my fangs,
Into the rosy softness, other fruits look hideous in comparison,
Drop from the heaven, like ice cold water on an empty stomach,
Slip silently into the intimacy of 3 a.m. thoughts.


Don’t call me on the phone, don’t bring flowers to me,
Show me the map of your childhood, let me trace every fear and memory,
Happiness is over-rated tonight, let me find other emotions, let me cry over the moon far away,
Pamper other snow-flakes, not me dearest,
Suffering builds character as well!

Let me know how it feels to be haunted by the first kisses,
Touch me not daily, let me wither to death by desire some nights,
Exchange no rings, but reading glasses and ink-pens,
Bring no gifts, but stain all my pretty dresses with the wine you’re going to spill tonight,
I want to give a hickey on your pillows,
Bite lovingly where you leave all the dreams sometimes,
Let me dance on the sand with you once a year,
Let’s remember every note of ‘Hey Jude’ by hugs and cries,
I want to turn you inside out, but don’t let me do that,
Let me cry and swallow crushed glass tonight, it feels alright!

Let me cry, let me try.


Written by: Sheily Gupta

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