The Story Of I: No one, But Herself

She sat in a room,
Staring at the blank walls,
With all the emotions that screamed in her head,
Afraid to face the world and scared of their words,
She waited for someone to give her a new life but,
The fate had planned something else,
She wished she could die but,
She was destined to suffer.


She sat in a room,
Staring at the blank walls,
Holding onto the tears of pain and frustration,
She was used to being lonely for no one had ever been there to hold her hand,
She searched for happiness in every corner but,
All she found was emptiness,
Her parents were the ones from whom she expected a lot but,
All she got was disappointments.


She sat in a room,
Staring at the blank walls,
Thinking how cruel this world has been to her,
Two months seemed two years to her,
She wanted to run and hide somewhere but,
Every place seemed unsafe to her,
She was stuck in her own life with absolutely no one by her side.


She decided to stand up and move on but,
She always stumbled and fell upon,
She tried harder and harder,
And got up with bruises all over,
Learning to walk forward with a baggage of dejection,
Her life seems to be a mere mess yet she’s now ready to clear it all with her courage,
She is still alone by no one on her side but,
She’s standing straight and tall with a big smile and some tears in her eyes,
To see herself reach so far with no one but herself by her side!


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