The Story of I: The Air Balloon Of Life

Millions of humans. Billions of stars. Infinite sky. And yet I chose you. You!

Look how easily this sky turns blue. How it acknowledges the presence of the dark. How despite tiny twinkling accomplices, solitude is its song.

Do you feel it? Did you just see? How the gush of wind emolliently kisses my cheeks. How this fascinating night flirts with me. Yet. Yet it doesn’t belong to me. Doesn’t put up with me for too long.

Surreal isn’t it. How we ride, how we travel through unknown spaces, being constantly reminded of vastness of life. Isn’t it humbling to experience life in its very sensations. So just let go. Let go of the fears, of the baggages, of the pain and have faith. That even though tide of life isn’t proceeding expectedly, you are moving. Moving slowly and surely. That even though the air balloon of life seems stagnant, gasoline is at work. That the dimension of life will navigate at the right pace. That you will land safe. At the desired place. With the right someone. Someday. Someday. Someday.

Written by: Priyanka Wali

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The Story of I

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