9 Reasons You Need To Get Out And Travel Today

Aashna Malani

Traveling is an escape from the chaotic professional world to the world of curiosity, adventure and thrill. It always gets me on my nerves. The thought of freedom and independence is itself a lot to make us daydream the whole day. Life is simple and short, and living it in an apartment and doing the same monotonous work each and every day doesn’t excite anybody. Of course work is necessary but the cleansing of our mind and soul is necessary too.

‘Because at the end you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing the lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain’ as rightly said by Jack Kerouac.

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If you really need convincing as to why travel is awesome, beyond the fact that it’s fun, eye-opening and life-altering, keep on reading…


  1. Life is short, too short, and sometimes really crappy

 To be honest, Life can be frustrating, stressful and endlessly unfair but that’s totally normal and we still need to make our effort to get the most out of it, and doing so may involve taking ourselves across sea, land, and sky, to see it all and experience what nature has to give us.

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  1. Builds Self Confidence 

This is something we all need to have to express our views, to access our power and by traveling we feel the sense of having responsibility. And, when we succeed in maintaining it properly it in return, increases our confidence as it is important in every walk of our life.

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  1. Experience new cuisine and culture

We all are the part of this world, thus most of us are curious about the habits, cultures, clothes, and foods. Traveling not only unfolds a new world to us but also helps us know about the diverse cultures around the world and appreciate it.

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  1. To find the Real You

We all know that our instagram feed is mostly opposite of the world we live in, thus we shouldn’t keep ourselves limited just to it. Just getting outside of the room makes us feel more alive and rejuvenating. By traveling to new places our mind grows and we get to know a lot about the place. You will get interacted with many people and that may break all the stereotypes and prejudices related to them and that will make you grow.

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  1. Live in the Now

Travelling gives you a chance to break-free yourself from the shackles of the past and helps you enjoy the present moment. It will teach you to appreciate living and enjoy the present rather than worrying for the past and future. It will teach you how seemingly small actions can make a great difference. It will show you the importance of ‘now’.

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  1. Building a Relationship

We are social beings and that’s what makes us different from the animals. Going places compel us to make friends with the people living there. This in return develops our power of building a relationship with other people.  Thus, we get to know a lot about developing a relationship by getting this amount of exposure by improving our social and communicating skills.

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  1. Expand your horizon

There is nothing worse than working in the same place every day with your buttock stuck to it and never go out and experience the world. This not only limits our capability but also keeps us from having some great adventure out there. By traveling we develop the quality to solve unknown problems and shatter our bigotry about a certain place. Moreover, it expands our thinking and makes us aware of the real world.

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  1. Create Memories for lifetime

Having a great time with the people we love becomes a memory which we try not to forget for the lifetime likewise when to travel we experience many unknown situations which is a vital part and becomes a never-forgetting memory of our life. 

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  1. Helps you get Original and creative thoughts

 It is known to us that when we get out of our comfort zone, the mind gets more creative and provides us original thoughts. New situations often trigger our thinking capacity and compel us to try something new which is out of our daily routine.

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If these reasons haven’t convinced you already, getting out and traveling yourself will do the trick. It’s time to experience the better you and come rejuvenated! 


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  2. These tips are our guest author’s personal suggestions.
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