TV Show Review: The Flashpoint Paradox

After an exhilarating season full of twists and turns, our expectations soared for The Flash Season 2 finale. And somehow, The Race of His Life was a fitting finale and fulfilled all our hopes, and then some. Teasing a Crisis on Infinite Earths adaptation right until the very end, we were expecting Zoom to succeed in his plan and bring all the Earths crashing together. But at the last minute Barry foiled Zoom’s plan, with a little help from his time remnant, of course.

The Race of His Life

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The finale for season 2 of The Flash was insane in more ways than one. The biggest thing to take place is the one that shaped season 3, to most likely pick up from where Barry saved his mother from the Reverse Flash. Due to this exploit, we are led to believe that Flashpoint will be taking place.

But, what is Flashpoint? How would it work? And will the other shows in the CW Universe be affected?

Zoom turning into Black Flash

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For those who couldn’t grasp the concept of Flashpoint: Flashpoint was a crossover event triggered by the Flash after he tampered with time. Like his television counterpart, comic book Barry Allen travels back to the night Reverse Flash murdered his mother and so happens. In saving his mom, Barry doomed the rest of the universe by triggering a domino-effect of other changes to the DC Universe’s timeline, for the worse. Resulting in a story based around an alternate timeline or universe; where The Flash did not exist, Aquaman and Wonder Woman were warlords going head-to-head, Superman was a skinny little guy locked underground by the government. And Bruce Wayne was dead and his father Thomas Wayne was actually The Batman. Now, the cause of all this was due to Barry preventing his mother’s death by going back in time, sounds familiar right?

Barry Allen saving his mother Nora Allen

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This leads on to the last question: will the other shows be affected by this? Arrow? Legends Of Tomorrow? Supergirl?
For Arrow’s sake, I hope so, because a lot of gaffes on that show needs to be fixed. Within the scope of all the other shows, I don’t think so, Legends Of Tomorrow has just set up the Justice Society Of America(JSA) and Supergirl has set up some stuff involving that part wondering what’s in that pod and they’ve got some stuff going on as well.

What I think will take place is that Barry will come up against a greater evil while in this Flashpoint Timeline. The series could still potentially explore the dark future in season 3.

Also, there’s a full weight crossover between Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends Of Tomorrow waiting for us this fall!

CW Crossover: Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends Of Tomorrow

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